Our native cryptocurrency, "DMP," is the driving force behind the Dark Matter Project. DMP is designed to be a versatile and dynamic token that powers every aspect of our gaming ecosystem. Whether you're acquiring in-game assets, participating in community activities, or staking NFT's for rewards, DMP plays a central role.

In Game NFTs

DMP tokens will serve as the primary currency for acquiring in-game NFTs. The price of these NFTs will be fixed at $5 USD worth of DMP tokens. As the market price of DMP tokens fluctuates, the number of tokens required to mint an NFT will adjust accordingly. Minting an NFT will burn DMP tokens, creating a deflationary effect and potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens.

Transaction Fees

A 3% fee will be applied to DMP token sales, and this fee will be directed to the rewards pool. This fee mechanism encourages token holders to consider the long-term benefits of holding DMP tokens, as selling incurs a cost that contributes to the community's growth and rewards.

NFT Holder Rewards

NFT holders will receive monthly rewards from the rewards pool. The distribution will be calculated based on the number of NFTs held by each participant, granting those with more NFTs and higher tiers a larger share of the rewards. The monthly pool amount will be vested over 24 months, ensuring a sustained and fair distribution of rewards to the community.

NFT Reward Tiers

Dark Matter offers ten reward tiers, each with its own weight within the rewards pool. The more NFTs and higher the tier of the NFT's the greater the rewards you earn. These tiers are designed to enhance your gameplay experience and provide you with valuable in-game assets

OUr Roadmap

Dark Matter Project

Stage 1


Develop Dark Matter Odyssey. A “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive story

Stage 2


Launch DMP Token. To be used to generate game access point NFTs.

Stage 3


Add in staking contract to provide DMP rewards for NFT holders.

Stage 4


Advance DMO to include a graphical interface for players. Turn the game into a space themed turn based RPG

Stage 5


Launch Dark Matter Dash. Action spaceship avoidance game.

Stage 6


Increase Brand awareness with a robust multimedia campaign. Options include an animated webseries or graphic novel

Stage 7


Continue to make advancements in gameplay and story yelling of Dark Matter Odyssey and Dash.

Stage 8


Compete with AAA game developers in creating massive multiplayer online RTS style game called Dark Matter Insurrection.

Our team

The Leadership

Steve Williston


Frequently Asked Questions

The Dark Matter Project is an indie initiative focused on developing a series of crypto games unified by a captivating storyline. Our goal is to merge blockchain technology with gaming to create immersive experiences for players.

You can acquire DMP tokens through exchanges (Coming Soon) or by participating in our token sales, presales, or rewards programs. Stay tuned for updates on token availability.

NFTs in our project are unique digital assets that enhance gameplay, provide customization options, and can be traded in our ecosystem.

NFTs enhance gameplay by providing unique abilities, customization options, and competitive advantages. Additionally, holding NFTs can earn you DMP tokens from our rewards pool.

We're always exploring opportunities for new games, and your feedback is invaluable. While we focus on the initial three games, we remain open to expanding our gaming portfolio in the future.

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